Celebrating the Power of Leadership: Mangai an Inspiring International Women’s Day Event

On March 8th, the Tamil Institute for Leadership Excellence (TILE) marked International Women’s Day with its signature project, Mangai. This year’s event was not just a celebration but a beacon of inspiration, thanks to the leadership of Abarna and Deepthi of TILE, numerous volunteers, and generous sponsors. The evening was filled with empowerment, networking, and profound discussions, drawing over 100 attendees to the esteemed Old Street Gallary in London, including

TILE’s Vibrant Contribution to the 5th National Tamil Heritage Month (UK)

7 January 2024, London: This year marks a standout moment for the Tamil Institute for Leadership Excellence (TILE) as they partnered with the UK National Tamil Heritage Month (THM). Now in its fifth year, the event saw a remarkable achievement, with almost all of its organising committee members being alums of TILE’s workshops. Under the leadership of Shangkeeth Srikumar, a co-teacher at TILE, the event unfolded with a blend of tradition

Tamil Heritage and Leadership Workshop: A Resounding Success in Netherlands

November 11th and 12th, the Tamil Institute for Leadership Excellence (TILE) achieved a remarkable milestone with its intensive two-day workshop on Tamil history, heritage, and leadership in Almere, Netherlands.

Celebrating Tamil Women’s Achievements and Overcoming Challenges

TILE is organizing a panel discussion to mark the 2023 International Women’s Day on March 8th. The discussion will explore the achievements and challenges of Tamil women in the current era, and will be held on March 7th at the Equiano Room, The Fitzrovia Community Centre, London at 7PM.

TILE’s Tamil History and Heritage Workshop Series

The workshop series doesn’t just deliver information; it invites participants to join a safe space for discussions. Here, everyone is encouraged to voice their questions, opinions, and reflections. The webinars foster an environment where topics like the progressive nature of Tamil society and gender equality throughout the ages are openly explored.

Important Discussion with Parents

Parenting is a profound challenge, one that requires continuous learning and adaptation. The crucial role parents play in their child’s development and quest for independence cannot be emphasised enough. To equip children with the skills and confidence needed for the 21st century, TILE advocates for the introduction of soft skills and emotional intelligence from a very early age.