Mangai 2024

Celebrate Leadership and Connection at Mangai 2024 – The International Women’s Day Networking Event

Tamil Institute for Leadership Excellence (TILE) proudly presents “Mangai 2024”, our esteemed annual networking event in honour of International Women’s Day. This year, we embrace the theme of “Women Leaders and Networking” to celebrate the achievements and aspirations of Tamil women across a spectrum of professions.

Date: 08/03/2024

Time: 6:30PM to 9:30PM

Venue: Old Street Gallery (62 Paul Street, EC2A 4DQ)

At TILE, we’re dedicated to nurturing responsible leaders capable of addressing today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges. Our mission is to empower young Tamils worldwide to become influential figures who value leadership and community stewardship.

“Mangai 2024” seeks to honour this vision by bringing together individuals to foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and build a supportive network. The event will commence with a panel discussion featuring Tamil women who have made significant strides in their fields. Their stories of triumph and leadership will pave the way for a dynamic Mix&Mingle session, where attendees can engage with the panellists and each other, weaving strong connections that extend beyond the event.

TILE understands the unique challenges the Tamils face globally – from political unrest to environmental crises. We believe cultivating a generation of skilled, ethical, and compassionate leaders is the key to creating sustainable solutions.

We invite everyone who shares our passion for leadership excellence and community development to join us at “Mangai 2024”. This is not just an event; it’s a step towards building a network that embodies the strength and diversity of Tamil women leaders.

In our journey, we collaborate with like-minded organisations to extend our reach and enhance our impact. As a non-profit institution with a global outlook, TILE is committed to developing leadership that transcends borders and nurtures the planet.

Mark your calendars for a day of inspiration, empowerment, and invaluable networking. Together, let’s shape a future honouring our heritage and embracing responsible leadership’s power.

Speakers Managi 2024:

Anisha Kiri

Anisha is a criminal defence barrister from Mountford chambers. Anisha is routinely instructed to defend in complex cases and has represented clients across the full spectrum of allegations including violence and sexual assault, as well as drug and acquisitive offences. Anisha has also been led in a number of cases involving high profile individuals and is part of organisations, championing diversity at the Bar.

Anisha will be discussing the various barriers one might encounter as a young, brown woman in a largely male dominated field, where optics and preconceived ideas can have a significant impact on outcomes.

Juliet Anton

Juliet is a Chartered Psychologist working part-time with the NHS and part- time private practice. She specialises in working with Trauma in Adult Mental Health. She has over 8 years experience working with the NHS and has been running her own private practice since the Covid19 pandemic. She works with clients with complex clinical presentations including Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorders and Psychosis (i.e. Paranoid Schizophrenia). She will explore the challenges and stigma associated with being a South Asian woman in the adult mental health sector and working with the South Asian community.

Mathu Selva

Mathu is a Technology Consultant at Boston Consulting Group Platinion. Her role involves working on cases for international corporations, FTSE 100 organisations, growth companies as well as private equity houses.   Mathu has worked as a software tester, Tech implementation consultant and is now providing strategy IT consulting whilst her background is a BSc in Chemistry. She uses her technology expertises to solve business-critical IT challenges. 

Shana Mahendran

Shana is a dynamic individual driven by boundless ambition and an unwavering commitment to her goals. Transitioning from the Accountancy field to forging a remarkable path in the media and wedding industry, Shana exemplifies the essence of versatility and determination. In 2013, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, founding Nomad Team Ltd trading as Black Magic Creations, a pioneering force in the wedding industry. Under her leadership as CEO, Black Magic Creations has evolved into one of the preeminent wedding production houses in the UK/Europe & worldwide setting the standard for excellence over a decade of successful operation.


South London’s Pritt continues to make her mark being Eelam Tamil, which has influenced her style immensely, allowing herself to be as expressive as possible to take a pivotal stance in her art. Denmark born artist uses her femininity to empower stereotypes of women and take an ‘Eastern meets Western’ stand on her music; an un-orthodox approach on honest relatable lyrics coupled with Carnatic melisma.   Over the past couple years, Pritt has worked with the likes of BBC 1Xtra presenter Sian Anderson & Mayor of London on NEXXT STEP: Women in Music on a project called BEHIND EVERY GREAT CITY She has also worked with grime rapper Chip and his label, Cash Motto in the past, after winning his artist search in 2019, been on the front cover of Projext Liquid magazine & as of January 2021, Pritt was announced as one of 8 Future Sounds artists for BBC Asian Network & is the first Tamil woman to ever do so. Pritt now has her own radio show on BBC Asian Network where she curates playlists to put Tamil & South Indian artists on the map.   Pritt has featured on music and fashion publications such as GQ India, GUAP, Pop SUGAR, Clash Magazine, Trench Magazine and EAR MILK & worked with brands the likes of Nike, Adidas, Apple, Mix Cloud, Pirate studios, PUMA, Levi’s, Kurt Geiger, and many more! She has also performed at The Great Escape and Reading Festival in 2023!  In January 2024, Pritt was featured on Hello! Magazine’s “Rising Stars of 2024” which was sold all over the UK in major supermarkets and newsstands.