Debate Club

  • Are you a Tamil student aged 12 – 16?
  • Do you get nervous talking in front of a group of people?
  • Are you keen to improve your public speaking skills?
  • Do you want to be more persuasive with your delivery?

Every Wednesday we will be running a 45-minute session where you can enhance your public speaking skills which will prepare you for interviews, university and your future professional lives.

8 Week debate coaching for 12 to 15 year olds.

Week 1: Introduction to Debating

  • Objective: Understand what debate is and its importance.
  • Activities:
    • Introduction to the concept of debating.
    • Discuss famous debates in history.
    • Basic terminology in debating (motion, proposition, opposition, etc.).
    • Fun ice-breaker debate on a simple topic.

Week 2: Research Skills

  • Objective: Learn how to research and gather information.
  • Activities:
    • Workshop on effective research techniques.
    • Understanding credible sources.
    • Group activity to research a given topic and present findings.

Week 3: Constructing Arguments

  • Objective: Learn to construct coherent and persuasive arguments.
  • Activities:
    • Explanation of argument structure (claim, evidence, warrant).
    • Group exercises to build arguments on various topics.
    • Peer review of constructed arguments.

Week 4: Refutation Techniques

  • Objective: Learn to counter arguments effectively.
  • Activities:
    • Understanding the concept of refutation.
    • Exercises on identifying weaknesses in arguments.
    • Practice sessions with mock debates focusing on refutation.

Week 5: Public Speaking Skills

  • Objective: Enhance public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Activities:
    • Public speaking tips and tricks.
    • Exercises focusing on voice modulation, body language, and eye contact.
    • Short speeches on random topics.

Week 6: Organizing a Debate

  • Objective: Understand debate format and organization.
  • Activities:
    • Detailed explanation of a formal debate structure (e.g., British Parliamentary, Lincoln-Douglas).
    • Role-playing different positions in a debate.
    • Mock debate in chosen format.

Week 7: Advanced Debating Techniques

  • Objective: Learn advanced debating skills.
  • Activities:
    • Introduction to advanced rhetorical techniques and logical fallacies.
    • Analyzing videos of competitive debates.
    • Practice debates with feedback focusing on advanced techniques.

Week 8: Final Debate Tournament

  • Objective: Apply learned skills in a debate tournament.
  • Activities:
    • Organizing an in-class debate tournament.
    • Students prepare and participate in a series of debates.
    • Feedback session and award ceremony.

Each session should be interactive, with a mix of theory and practical exercises. Encourage students to express their opinions freely and respectfully, and ensure a supportive environment where every student feels comfortable participating.