TILE’s Tamil History and Heritage Workshop Series

The Tamil Institute for Leadership Excellence (TILE) is thrilled to present an enlightening workshop series that dives deep into the heart of Tamil history and heritage. Rooted in a meticulously structured curriculum, this initiative is laser-focused on exploring Tamil identity without any preconceived biases. The result is an enriching journey into the fascinating past of one of the world’s oldest living languages.

Unveiling the Tapestry of Tamil Culture

Tamil history, like a sprawling tapestry, is vast, rich, and often strikingly ahead of its time. The cultural, social, and historical aspects of this enduring legacy have continued to evolve over the years. TILE’s workshop series is a tribute to this profound heritage, an exploration that goes beyond merely practicing traditions and rituals to understanding the roots and reasons behind them.

A Journey through Human Civilisation

At its core, this discussion-based workshop series seeks to unravel the history of Tamil culture from the very inception of human civilization. It aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how the Tamil identity has adapted and evolved over time. This voyage of self-discovery acknowledges the dynamic nature of Tamil culture and celebrates its progressive spirit.

An Inclusive Platform for Discussions

The workshop series doesn’t just deliver information; it invites participants to join a safe space for discussions. Here, everyone is encouraged to voice their questions, opinions, and reflections. The webinars foster an environment where topics like the progressive nature of Tamil society and gender equality throughout the ages are openly explored.

Six Engaging Sessions

The series consists of six comprehensive sessions, each spanning two hours and delving into various facets of Tamil culture:

  • Origin of Ancient Tamil Civilisation: Explore the roots of the Tamil civilisation, tracing its beginnings to ancient times.
  • An Exploration of Historic Tamil Literature: Dive into the timeless literary treasures that have inspired generations of Tamil scholars and enthusiasts.
  • Technological and Social Advancement of the Chola Empire: Uncover the remarkable progress during the Chola Empire, marked by technological innovations and significant social advancements.
  • Colonial Period and Its Influence on Tamil Culture, Heritage, and History: Investigate the profound impact of colonialism on Tamil culture and heritage, gaining insights into its enduring consequences.
  • Tamil Cuisine and Medicine: Immerse yourself in the world of Tamil cuisine and traditional medicine, discovering the ancient wisdom that underpins Tamil culture.
  • Tamil Sports, Martial Arts, and Fashion Trends: Explore the dynamic universe of Tamil sports, martial arts, and fashion trends, celebrating their cultural significance.

Accessibility and Contribution

For those passionate about Tamil history and heritage, the workshop series is a unique opportunity. Students and individuals who are unwaged can participate in these sessions free of charge. Others are encouraged to contribute, making this journey of cultural exploration inclusive and accessible to all.

Unearth the richness of Tamil history and heritage, embarking on a captivating exploration with TILE’s workshop series. Celebrate the evolution of Tamil identity and culture, all while fostering a deeper understanding of a heritage that spans centuries.