Project Sitham

Project Sitham (சித்தம்) is a venture by Tamil Institute of Leadership Excellence (TILE) which involves monthly discussion sessions between a physician and medical students on career pathways towards specific specialties and life skills for future doctors. 

The main objectives of this project are to provide an opportunity for Tamil physicians to give back to the community by helping to prepare the next generation of Tamil doctors and for medical students to obtain valuable life skills and become better doctors. Through these discussion sessions, students will be able to connect with doctors and obtain any research opportunities available for Independent Research Projects of their interest.

As part of the program, we will introduce our participants to Tamil heritage concepts of health and wellbeing by providing information in the form of research articles or short presentations. Our goal is to encourage participants to integrate health and wellbeing guidance from Tamil heritage into their daily lives. 

The number of participants in each session is limited to 24. Although Project Sitham is targeted at Tamil students, it will be open to anyone interested as helping to better everyone is a significant part of Tamil heritage.

There will be one session every month via Zoom lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour each. Each session will be based on a different specialty and life skill.

The structure of each session will be as follows:

•     Introduction of the guest speaker 

•     Presentation/conversation with guest speaker 

•     Q&A open to participants 

•     Tamil heritage health and wellbeing information

For further information and details contact via