Soft Skills development

Our introductory TILE1001 workshop is suitable for 12 to 16 year olds. Following is the basic outline of workshop series for 7 weeks:

  1. Posture & body language
  2. Presentation skills
  3. Introduction to emotions and reactions
  4. Team building, and the dynamics of working in teams
  5. Practice on communications and elevated pitch
  6. Assessments of activities
  7. Awards presentation, and Adults / parents session

Session format

• Session will consist of 3 hours each with 20 minutes’ refreshment break

• First half would be facilitated discussion based learning

• Second half would be team based activates

• Last session will be an assessment

• Limited to 12 participants for each workshop to enable effective learning

Awards: Each Participant with 75% attendance will be awarded with a certification of achievement and those with 50-75% will receive a certification of participation. Based on the assessment each will get development feedback.


Soft skills set to be developed from very early ages is a must to develop good leaders. This project will be focused on the age groups from 12 to 18. The following matrix will be developed over the years through many different activites and workshops. 

Key areas Attribute 1 Attribute 2 Attribute 3 Attribute 4 Attribute 5 Attribute 6
1) Communication Oral Speaking Capability Written Presenting Listening
2) Courtesy Manners Etiquette Business Etiquette Gracious Respectful
3) Flexibility Adaptability Willing to change Accepts new things Adjusts Teachable Personable
4) Integrity Honest Ethical High morals Has personal values Does what’s right Has self- control
5) Interpersonal skills Nice – warmth Friendly Sense of humour, Nurturing Empathetic, patient Sociability and social skills
6) Positive attitude Optimistic Enthusiastic, Encouraging Happy Confident Wants to do well
7) Professionalism Accountable Reliable Gets the job done, Resourceful Self-disciplined Conscientious and Common sense
8) Teamwork Cooperative Gets along with others Agreeable Supportive Helpful Collaborative
9) Work ethic Hard working Willing to work Loyal Initiative Self-motivated On time – Good attendance
10) Identity Who you are Your roots Language Passion towards a cause Social Responsibility Rights