About TILE

Tamil Institute for Leadership Excellence is an institution formed with the objective of building leaders for tomorrow.

TILE aims to serve wider population of young Tamils in various parts of the world to provide the opportunity to evolve as responsible individuals with leadership qualities and caring for other co-inhabitants of this plant.

Let it be political instability, economic failures, effects of climate change, human rights, animal rights, food security or energy crisis – the fundamental issue is that we do not have responsible skilled leaders. Tamil people are in exodus around the world due to ethnocratic politics and violation of collective rights, and there are also various people affected by this.

TILE aims to develop a positive approach to empower the next generation of leaders to understand, foster and give back to the society and the world at large. We are an institute with wide scope and global reach. TILE is a non-profit organisation.

In this extend we partner with like minded organisation to expand our reach and maximise synergy.