Cultural Exchange

Inspire an individual to take the opportunity further and research for possibilities in multiple areas;

Ambitions of project

  • Bringing young Tamils together
  • Give an opportunity to learn and experience Tamil history and presence all over the world
  • Create an interest for further Tamil exploration from younger Tamils
  • Document Tamil language and its people in the modern age


  • Ideally 4 people, 2 going from UK and 2 coming from host country
  • Worldwide host countries to choose from
  • Organised visit to host country with a set objectives to be achieved

Selection criteria

  • Graduate
  • Age –¬†21 to 25
  • Ambitions of traveller
  • Serious, committed to research project
  • Previous experience of work and travelling


  • Writer a report to the sponsor
  • Writer an article for TILE¬†website
  • Reporting of day to day activities – Blog
  • Possibly have video (vlog)
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